Working With Us
The Financial Planning Process

From defining the client adviser relationship to developing, implementing and maintaining your bespoke financial plan, there is a clear financial planning process that we adhere to at Chartered Global to ensure that  we deliver maximum value to each and every client.

During an initial conversation we will outline what you can expect from working together with Chartered Global. We will explain the services we offer and get a sense of your circumstances and the scope and nature of the advice you would need. This is a getting to know you phase where you decide if we could bring value and we decide if you are the right fit for our services.

We are discerning about who we take on as clients as we are only interested in forging long term client relationships.

“A goal without a plan…    is just a wish”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

At Chartered Global, our role is to help you formulate a plan of action which will best manage your available resources to meet your goals and aspirations. We can help you implement your plan and regularly review and adapt it to life’s changing circumstances.



The planning process begins with really discussing, clarifying and prioritising your overall goals and aspirations, and the financial resources you will need to realise these goals both now and in the future. This is what we call lifestyle planning.

We then gather all the relevant information about your current circumstances.  We need to have a full understanding of your overall financial situation, from savings, investments, borrowings, properties, mortgages and other loans, wills, pensions, life and health insurances, current and future income and expenditure, etc.

We also need to understand your views and attitude towards issues such as borrowing, investment risk, saving versus spending, retiring, estate planning etc.



The next stage is where we analyse all the information gathered in Stage 1 and crunch the numbers. This involves reviewing income and expenditure, potential tax liabilities such as capital gains tax or inheritance tax, and calculating protection needs and  any potential shortfalls. Key to this process is our powerful cash flow analysis system which will help us to model current and future cash flows, reveal deficits and stress test your financial situation in various potential scenarios. We will also review any existing investments and holdings to ensure that any risk exposure is justified and matches your attitude to risk and your overall circumstances.



We then summarise our findings in your detailed financial planning report. This comprehensive document, including our detailed analysis of cashflows, will project the costs of achieving your goals, highlight potential shortfalls, quantify your current exposure to different risks, suggest strategies to mitigate potential tax liabilities and outline recommendations to best structure and plan your financial future. It will provide you with a detailed roadmap to bridge the gap between your aspirations and the reality you face.



The planning process produces a clear plan of action with the financial report. The next step is to carry out those actions and actually implement the plan.

By this stage you will have a clear sense of whether you would like to be working with Chartered Global on an ongoing basis. If so we can help you implement the plan and agree an ongoing service proposition.

Often a specific need outlined in the planning process is best met through a financial product or solution whether this be a protection policy, a pension plan or an investment. As licensed Independent Financial Advisers, we are able to source products, investments and any necessary financial solutions from the entire market place. Our transparent fee model means that any commission payments made to us as IFA’s over the level of fee agreed will be either rebated to you, used to reduce premiums payable or increase capital invested.

We also have a team of professional partners should we require the services of lawyers or accountants to assist in implementing certain elements of your plan which require specialist legal or tax advice.

5Monitor, Review, Adapt

Financial planning is an ongoing process. We work with our clients on a continuous basis, monitoring investments, reviewing your circumstances, adapting to any changes in your life or in the financial world generally.

Complete reviews need to be undertaken at least annually, or whenever your circumstances change significantly, for example with a marriage, a divorce, a change in job or upon receiving an inheritance. Effective financial planning means adapting to changes as and when they occur, so that we can steady the ship and maintain its course to achieve your long term goals and aspirations.