Lifestyle Planning

We often put off financial planning as something of a nuisance we know we should think about at some point – just some point next month or next year. Thoughts of investments, pensions or insurance can be both daunting and tedious for many and are easily pushed aside for another day.

Our job is to help you see financial planning as part of a bigger picture. Financial planning is only relevant when it serves your larger goals and aspirations, in other words what you want to get out of life.

For some this might mean being able to work less, or stop doing a job you hate. For others it could be about the kind of benefits or education you want to be able to give to your children and family, or the house you would like to live in, or perhaps holidays and experiences to cherish.

Most of us would like to be able to stop working and enjoy a fulfilling retirement at some point. And we all want to maintain the lifestyle we are accustomed to or aspire to have one day. Whatever your dreams and aspirations, many of them will involve some degree of financial expenditure, and this often necessitates planning ahead.

It is a fact of life that achieving our most meaningful goals normally involves some degree of intent, discipline and commitment. Financially this may mean spending less and saving more now, investing in your and your family’s future.

At Chartered Global we explain to our clients that your job is to concentrate on your bigger life picture. To formulate clear goals and aspirations, to be very precise about exactly what you want to achieve and when you want to enjoy it.

Our job is to plan the route to get you there. To crunch the numbers, mitigate the taxes, formulate the investment and saving strategies. We’ll do the boring work and you can reap the benefits.

So don’t be put off by the tedious complexities of “financial planning”. You just need to concentrate on planning your life; focus on the why and we’ll work out the how.

But don’t delay any longer. Because to get the life you really want tomorrow, we need to start planning today.